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Flu Season

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The 2018-2019 Flu season is under way.  CDC Flu info

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, we encourage you to do so! This is especially important if you are at high risk or in contact with high risk individuals such as babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. The flu shot is safe in pregnancy; if you are pregnant, check with our clinical staff to find out when in your pregnancy you should get your flu shot.

Prevention is key. Wash your hands often and avoid close contact with those who are sick if possible. If you do get sick, make sure to rest, stay home to prevent spreading the illness to others, and see your primary care doctor if necessary. If you are pregnant, please call our office right away if you develop flu symptoms to discuss possible treatment.

Dec 17 2018

Update on OB care with Dr. Fleming

dr fleming at the hospital with baby

“It has been a great privilege to deliver your babies!”

Updates on the OB side of Dr. Fleming’s practice effective September 2018:

He now offers early pregnancy care, routine prenatal care, postpartum care after delivery,and natural family planning (NFP) support.

However, Dr. Fleming and Dr. Hickner are no longer performing deliveries. Coverage for deliveries will be arranged with the OB/GYN department at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital.

He will continue seeing women for GYN visits, both well-woman exams and problem visits.

Oct 4 2018

Meet our new provider Kim Wahmhoff, FNP-C

Kim Wahmhoff, FNP-C photo

Kim Wahmhoff received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from Hope College and her Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner degree with a Certificate in Nursing Education from the University of Michigan. Kim began her nursing career in international community health in Central America, followed by internal medicine and the pediatric ICU at the University of Michigan Health System. She has worked at Emmaus Health as a Family Nurse Practitioner since the summer of 2017, and began training and work with Dr. Fleming at Caritas Center a few months later.

She is passionate about providing evidence-based care to her patients across the lifespan. Kim has special interest in women’s health, OB, and pediatric care. She strives to empower her patients to achieve their highest level of health through partnership and education.

Kim and her husband are parishioners at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Farmington Hills. She has participated in international service and educational trips. Kim enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, exercise, cooking, and dancing. She is also proficient in Spanish.

Appointments are available Fridays at Caritas!

Jun 5 2018

Dr. Fleming changing focus from OB to GYN

dr fleming at the hospital with baby

“It has been a great privilege to deliver your babies!”

After more than 40 years and over 6,000 deliveries, Dr. Fleming will be closing the OB side of his practice in September 2018.

Update October 2018: an updated post with newer information on what services are available can be found here.

He will continue seeing women for GYN visits, both well-woman exams and problem visits.

He will also offer “confirmation of pregnancy” care, with early pregnancy hormone testing and ultrasound.

We will refer you to another provider for your routine OB care and delivery, but we are happy to welcome you back for postpartum care after delivery and natural family planning (NFP) support.

Thank you all for your support of Caritas!


Jun 5 2018

New Year, new you

The best time to make healthy improvements may be today! The new year provides a great opportunity to start an exercise routine, make healthy diet changes, and stop smoking.

Let us know how we can help! We encourage you to discuss lifestyle changes that can improve your health with our office at your next visit as well as with your primary care provider.

Jan 3 2018

Need help finding insurance?

Healthcare Marketplace

Michigan residents who have or are seeking individual insurance coverage may apply through the new healthcare marketplace at The enrollment period this year is Nov. 1 2017 – Dec 15 2017.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital has a resource page to help our patients navigate the options: The website contains participating plans, cost calculators and a dedicated phone number, 1-855-SJ-DISCOVER.

Our office also participates with several Medicaid plans. If you qualify for Medicaid, you can apply at any time of year.

To find out which health plans are accepted by our office, check the Insurance Information section of the site or call our office at (734) 712-1990.

Oct 1 2017

Meet our new colleague Dr. Stephen Hickner!

Dr. Hickner is a board-certified OB/GYN physician with over 25 years of experience solving clinical problems in Women’s Health.  He has completed the Fellowship in Surgical NaProTechnology jointly offered by Creighton University School of Medicine and the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dr. Hickner has a special interest in robotic-assisted and other minimally invasive surgeries for Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Disease.  He also provides personalized medicine and targeted therapies utilizing the latest medical evidence.  He has a specific interest in treating infertility and other gynecologic  disorders.  Dr. Hickner takes a unique approach to Women’s Health all the while embracing Catholic Church teaching.

Dr. Hickner performs surgery and practices obstetrics at Saint Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor.  He also sees patients in the office at Emmaus Health and Caritas Center for Women’s Health, both in Ann Arbor.

After practicing out West for the past 5 years, Dr. Hickner and his wife are happy to return to their native Michigan to be closer to their grown children and old friends.  Formerly, the Hickners lived in Grand Rapids for 20 years, where they raised their 4 children and were very active in the Catholic community.

Dr. Hickner received both B.S. in Biochemistry and his M.D. at Michigan State University.  His residency training in OB/GYN was at Washington University and Saint John’s Mercy Hospital, both in Saint Louis, MO.  Dr. Hickner also has an extensive background in medical education, having served as an OB/GYN Clerkship Director for third year medical students and as an attending physician for OB/GYN residents in training.

Dr. Hickner has a vision of women’s health that embraces the supreme gift of fertility, the beauty of nuptial love, and the truth of the person.   His goal is to incorporate these sublime values into the everyday patient encounter.  He believes that just as nature is sacred, so, too, the human person is sacred.  Women especially reveal this mystery.  Dr. Hickner believes that women have a knowledge all their own which provides them with true control.  He encourages his patients to take advantage of their Feminine Genius as he educates them to achieve optimal health.  Dr. Hickner is delighted to bring this approach to Ann Arbor and beyond.

Board Certification
Obstetrics and Gynecology

May 2 2016

Notice of Privacy Practices updated

The 2013 HIPAA update to patient privacy protections is in place. Read our Notice of Privacy Practices for updated information regarding how we protect your medical information as well as your rights to access and protection.

Sep 23 2013